Metropolitan Cadillac Flower Car

Lead your procession with elegance and style

Standard Equipment of the Cadillac “XTS” Metropolitan Flower Car

  • 68” long 18-guage stainless steel bed
  • All steel construction (no wood)
  • 34” wide deck at bottom and 46” at the top
  • The stainless steel bed is constructed of 1” x 1” tubular frame
  • Flagship stainless steel 7/8” top railings, all stainless rail stanchions and contoured stainless boot rail are bolted to the bed with stainless hardware
  • Custom full rise, fixed stainless steel boot assembly at rear of bed area
  • All framing primed with sulfate epoxy primer and painted to prevent rust
  • Full padded vinyl top (specify type and code, tuxedo is standard)
  • 31/2” wreath emblems located on left and right sail panels
  • Full size back window. This window allows for full view of the cargo area and maximum driving safety
  • OEM rear speakers located to rear window deck
  • (2) 2” screened drains for optimum water displacement
  • All stainless steel panels secured with sound deadening adhesive to eliminate noise
  • Self-sealing all stainless rivets used to prevent water leakage
  • Truck lid, boot assembly are removable to service OEM bumper, taillights and electronics
  • Bed interior access panels that are removable to service chassis components
  • Operable rear side doors for extra storage
  • Econ-spare tire mounted behind passenger seat
  • Seven (7) year or 70,000 mile limited conversion warranty

Bring us your Cadillac chassis or commission Specialty Hearse to provide you one to convert!

Using either your own Cadillac chassis or one that Specialty Hearse has available, we can provide you with a custom Metropolitan Cadillac Flower Car in 12-14 weeks. Safety and prestige are our main concerns when constructing your personalized Cadillac Flower Car. Feel secure in the all-steel construction built on a 1″ x 1″ tubular frame.  With the custom rear window you will have a full view of the cargo area, maximizing your visibility and safety.

We also are conscious to put the finishing touches on the vehicle, including the iconic wreath emblems located on left and right sail panels, OEM rear speakers located to rear window deck, and 2” screened drains for optimum water displacement. All of this provided with a seven (7) year or 70,000 mile limited conversion warranty for your peace of mind.

Contact one of our sales representatives at 800-349-6102 or fill out our easy contact form to get more information on the Cadillac Flower Car today!

Options Available

  • Complete repaint of vehicle to customer specifications
  • Full vinyl Tonneau cover over bed – 6″ higher for removals
  • Moonroof removal, install roof filler and headliner
  • Full vinyl Tonneau cover over bed – standard height
  • Tri level stainless flower tray with (3) 7/8″ stainless rails to secure baskets
  • Picture frame with Gate of Heaven holder and brackets
  • Installation of LED lights
  • Opera lamps installed on sail panels
  • Strobe Lights (2)
  • Vinyl roll down quarter panel protectors
  • Wig Wag Headlights
  • Rag top/simulated convertible top removal
  • Pin Striping
Dimensions (in inches)
Stretch40"Overall Height73.25"
Casket Door Opening Width47.75"Overall Length249"
Bier Pin to Bier Pin Length103"Overall Width75"
Floor Length126"Read Side Door Width47.5"
Load Door Opening Angle137°Wheelbase152.5"
Loading Height30.5"Width Between Wheelhouse44"
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