Kind words from our valued customers!

I just wish to thank all your staff for the day I spent at your dealership. It was a real education to see such a wonderful staff working together as they work to serve the customer.


I have been in the market to purchase a Limo for my funeral home, then my hearse needed to be replaced. I was in the market for a good set of used black Lincolns. I was checking all the sites on the internet for cars when I found your site. I called the next day, and spoke to a very polite gentleman by the name of “Mo”.


He was out of the office, I left him a message, and in 3 minutes he called me back. we discussed the units I was interested in. I wanted to know how I could view the cars in person. He told me about driving and it would be cheaper to fly into (LIMA) Long Island MacArthur Airport. In less than 24 hours, I was there at a hotel. He came the next morning, took me to see the cars. I was permitted to look the cars all over, on the rack, drive them and search everything out about the cars. There was no pressure, and they did not rush me. The mechanic was there to answer all my concerns and showed me some things of interest on the cars.


I was told a reasonable price for the cars, left a down payment and wired their bank the balance when I returned home. One week later they were flat bed delivered to me in good condition.


I was treated very well while I was in the city, and asked for a good restaurant to eat at before going to the airport. Mo took me to a very wonderful Italian restaurant and it allowed me to really connect with the real “Mo.”


It actually allowed me to relax and enjoy this 36 hour trip and not feel stressed. I am very happy with my cars, and now that we have had a chance to prep them, they look like new cars. In our community, we have 3 funeral homes. We were the dark blue cars, the others were a light powder blue and white. I have used silver and black before in a pinch, but dark blue was us. I chose to go to black because I noticed the month before we purchased these cars how people look at the black cars. I drove my blue car, no one looked. I drove a black car, everyone looked. And now we are having people stopping me to see what high ranking official I have in the limo. We have been able to get a lot of attention by driving these Lincoln cars over our old blue Cadillacs.


I am considering on purchasing another older model Lincoln Black Hearse as a back up and use for removals. I was told a wonderful story from a large town funeral director that made me think.


He had served a family at the time of a loss of a husband and father who was in the local university hospital for 4 weeks. As the family stayed at the hospital and would take turns going to the dining room to eat some and rest. They had noticed out the window the area where the local mortuaries would back into load a body. They formed an opinion about what funeral home to call when their loved one died.


Now, the funeral director was amazed when he got the death call. He had known this family had always gone to one of the others in town for years. After they arranged for the services, and he noted that it was a very fine service at that. He kindly asked the widow, what made you change and use our firm for your husband. I have known your relatives and they have always used *** funeral home. She became very clear and bright, smiled and said, While we were at the hospital, we noticed many of the funeral homes use a van or other such vehicle to come to the hospital. You were the only one we saw in the last two weeks to use a beautiful Black hearse. We all felt he deserved to be taken to the funeral home in a nice car like that and not a van.


Once again, We THANK ALL OF YOU for what you have done to serve our firm and secure our Black Lincoln Coach and Limo.


Robert M Greenisen
President/Funeral Director at Arbaugh-Pearce-Greenisen & Sons Funeral and Cremation Services

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